Sne på Herlufsholm

This is where the winter begins

Sne cykel

Snow games and indoor activities

Winter in The South Coast of Denmark – as in the rest of Denmark – can be both cold and grey, but fortunately the destination includes many indoor experiences, where the weather doesn’t matter. And if the snow is white and beautiful, there are also many opportunities to get out and enjoy nature. 

Below we have compiled a list of winter-time experiences in South Zealand and on Møn that are worth travelling for, regardless of the weather. 

The best winter experiences

Sne i Næstved

Med kælk og langrend ski på Sydsjælland og Møn

Sne på Møns Klint

Take a fantastic tour from cliff to cliff and discover the area in a new and exciting way

Cosy winter activities

Møns Klint strand

Strandture i vintertiden

Efterår og Vinter på Camp Adventure

SydkystDanmarks begivenhedskalender

Herlufsholm skov

Skovture i vinteren