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Discover South Zealand and Møn’s unique nature, countless historical offerings and many exciting activities for both children and adults.

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Where should you spend the night after a fantastic day along one of the area’s unique hiking routes? When the stomach starts rumbling, where do you find the very special food experiences that give you new energy? What places shouldn’t you miss when you’re here? Get answers to the questions here!

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Cycling in The South Coast of Denmark

In The South Coast of Denmark, you can go from cliff to cliff on your bike – from Møns Klint in the south to Stevns Klint in the north – or vice versa! Enjoy the unique landscape from the saddle, feel the wind on your cheeks and experience the wonderful scents of nature.

Blue experiences in The South Coast of Denmark

The South Coast of Denmark offers a wealth of “blue experiences” – both in and on the sea. You can rent kayaks, canoes, SUP boards and go on diving and snorkelling trips. Follow this guide to some of the area’s many “blue experiences”.

Hiking in The South Coast of Denmark

Be sure to soak up the full effect of nature as you hike through South Zealand and Møn. With its irresistible nature – and loads of it – there are plenty of hiking options to choose from!

Come down here and get high

Come down here and get high on The South Coast of Denmark. Get out here where everyday life fades away and the hustle and bustle is left at home. Discover and be together!

The South Coast of Denmark

The South Coast of Denmark consists of the four municipalities of Næstved, Vordingborg, Stevns and Faxe and is just an hour’s drive from Copenhagen. Click on the map and get an overview of the most unique experiences in South Coast Denmark.

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See the many exciting opportunities for families with children, holidays for couples and friends, get a unique insight into the impressive experiences along the beautiful stretch of coast between the two majestic cliffs, and explore some of South Zealand’s and Møn’s most fascinating events here!

Holidays for couples and friends

Get tips for great experiences and enjoyable moments in The South Coast of Denmark with your friends or partner

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Read about our best family experiences and find family-friendly eateries and accommodations.

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Take a journey from cliff to cliff, along the coasts and experience South Zealand and Mon from heights and depths

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Events in The South Coast of Denmark

What happens in South Zealand and Møn? Search among the destination's many exciting events.

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Visit The South Coast of Denmark’s many tourist offices and get up-to-date tips and ideas for experiences and activities in the area. We are also happ...

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Weddings in The South Coast of Denmark

Have your wedding in The South Coast of Denmark. There is ample opportunity to create the perfect setting for your big day. Explore the page and see w...


See our travel catalogue and our bicycle, hiking and destination maps. Get inspiration for fishing spots and much more.

Courses & conferences

Stjernemøder - Lets meet under the stars in The South Coast of Denmark. Please note that the site is only in Danish.

Harbourguide in The South Coast of Denmark

Get an overview of The South Zealand and Møn's many ports and see what they have to offer.

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Find offers and discounts on cultural and nature experiences as well as restaurants and accommodation. Please note that the site is in Danish.