Dark Sky at Møn and Nyord

Photo: Thomas Ix

Go to Møn or Nyord, where you can experience the “Dark Sky” phenomenon – a night sky without light pollution, allowing millions of stars to wink at you. 

If you want to experience the “Dark Sky” phenomenon, go to Møns Klint, where there is a complete absence of light pollution. The experience, where millions of stars shine in the sky and are reflected in the sea 128 metres below you, is nothing short of magical. This is one particular experience that yoga and other mindfulness exercises can’t match. The Dark Sky experience is just pure wellness for the body, mind and soul, so relax and enjoy the moment. Enjoy living in the moment right here!   

Where and when can I see the Dark Sky?

Møn and Nyord are among the few places in Denmark where it’s possible to experience the “Dark Sky” phenomenon, which is why a group of local enthusiasts are doing everything they can to publicise the phenomenon and make the experience available to everyone. 

The chances of experiencing the Dark Sky are clearly highest from September to March, when the nights are longer.  

In this brochure, you can find useful tips for the Dark Sky experience and see a map showing the best places to go.

You can also take a hike with some of the skilled guides eg Nature guide MonQuiet hike and Straagaarden Nyord or join Dark Sky photo safari and see the starry sky in a new and unique way!

7 fascinating Dark Sky Spots

Photo: Tom Axelsen

What actually is Dark Sky?

Dark Sky is in fact two things!

1) A phenomenon describing areas with the right conditions (including minimal light pollution) to allow a view of a clear, starry sky. The most beautiful stars will grace the sky and it will be possible to see the Milky Way in these areas. 

2) An association, or actually several associations, working together for a common goal: To preserve the starry sky for present and future generations. This has arisen as a result of a strong focus on light pollution worldwide. Inevitable, some might say, but nevertheless possible to keep certain areas at such a level that it’s possible to maintain the natural night sky. 

If you want to learn more about the Dark Sky on Møn and Nyord, click here.
Or, if you want to know more about the international Dark Sky Organisation, click here. 

Three interesting facts about the Dark Sky

1. Dark Sky refers to a worldwide effort to reduce light pollution, as most cities have so much light at all hours of the day that it’s not possible to see the stars in the sky. In fact, 80% of the world is affected by light pollution!

2. The light you see from a twinkling star is actually several thousand years old, which means that seeing twinkling stars is like looking back in time! 

3. Dark Sky Parks exist in 44 places around the world, 9 of which are in Europe, but Møn and Nyord is the first region in the world to have been named both a Dark Sky Community and a Dark Sky Park