Skovtårnet ved Camp Adventure

The Forest Tower at Camp Adventure

The Forest Tower at Camp Adventure is an experience like no other. The tower’s upper platform is located 135 meters above sea level, making it the highest accessible point on Zealand.

As an experience, the Forest Tower by Camp Adventure is second to none, and offers a very special and majestic view of South Zealand. The platform at the top of the Forest Tower stands 135 metres above sea level, making it the highest accessible point on all of Zealand. From the top, you can see for 25 km across the South Zealand landscape, and if you look north on a clear day, you can actually see all the way to the bridge Øresundsbroen, the Turning Torso in Malmo, as well as parts of the Copenhagen skyline.


A unique nature experience

For architecture enthusiasts, the Forest Tower is undoubtedly a “must-see”. The unique structure was designed by EFFEKT Architects, and has won several international awards, including a first place at the 2017 ICONIC Awards – the Visionary Architecture and Finale World Architecture Festival 2017 – even before its opening. The structure is a hyperboloid shape, which consists of long vertical steel pipes that have not been bent, but rather rotated 120° in order to obtain the Forest Tower’s contoured hourglass shape.

Exceptional architecture

A trip up the Forest Tower is a unique experience where nature can be seen from new angles. The trip out to the tower is also an experience in itself, as it involves a 900 m long boardwalk with several “pauses” and platforms along the way, where you have ample opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views. Along the boardwalk, you will be able to see the largest climbing park in Denmark, when Camp Adventure’s many treetop courses are used far above your head.

Skovtårnet udsigt

When you arrive at the Forest Tower, the 650 metre spiralling ramp winds up to the top of the tower. You have the opportunity to experience nature and the trees in a whole new way – at eye level and up close. At the top of the Forest Tower, the unique experience culminates in a 360° view of the South Zealand landscape.  

Three interesting facts about the Forest Tower

1. The Forest Tower is on Time Magazine’s list of “World’s 100 Greatest Places of 2019”, which ranks places in the world that are most worthy of a visit, or worth a whole trip in themselves

2. The Forest Tower won first place at the 2017 ICONIC Awards for “Visionary Architecture”

3. As many as 50,000 people visited The Forest Tower in the first two months after its opening


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Longitude: 11.963685

Latitude: 55.263018

Max. 30 minutes from the Forest Tower