The Baltic Sea Cycle Route

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Østersøruten – The Baltic Sea Cycle Route offers 820 kilometres of marked bicycle route that leads through magnificent scenery and past several exciting sights, and 170 kilometers are right here in The South Coast of Denmark.

Accommodation near the Baltic Sea Cycle Route

Camping in the South Coast of Denmark along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route

If you’re going on a bike ride along the Baltic Sea route, there are several opportunities for overnight camping along the way. You can find places close to the route in South Zealand & Møn here

Hotels in the South Coast of Denmark along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route

The hotels on the Baltic Sea Route offer a beautiful setting, a relaxing atmosphere and good service. Enjoy a night at one of The South Coast of Denmark hotels and use it as a base for the next day’s experiences.

Bed & Breakfasts in the South Coast of Denmark along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route

If you go biking along the Baltic Sea Route, there is plenty of opportunity to settle down in a Bed & Breakfast, so you don’t have to take long detours if you want to stay in private and peaceful surroundings.

The best experiences along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route

9 tips for experiences for children along the Baltic Sea Route

Take the whole family on a trip along the “Baltic Sea Route” and let the children settle into some of the fun family attractions in South Zealand & Møn.

Taste The South Coast of Denmark along the Baltic Sea Route

When you embark on the Baltic Sea Route, you will need some fuel to keep you going, but fortunately, taste experiences are plentiful and close at hand in South Zealand and on Møn. Here are our suggestions for some of the best!

Experiences off the beaten trail

If you’re up for a detour from the Baltic Sea Route, we recommend these experiences that are certainly worth the extra kilometres.

12 must sees on the route

Do yourself a favor and stop by and enjoy some of the South Coast Denmark's experiences on the Baltic Sea route! We have collected a selection of 9 exceptional experiences that we recommend.

Great nature expereinces

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

More information

Bike rental

Need to rent a bike? There are several places in South Zealand & Møn where it’s possible to rent bikes and have them repaired.

Our tourist informations

Visit The South Coast of Denmark’s many tourist offices and get up-to-date tips and ideas for experiences and activities in the area. We are also happy to help you find a place to stay, a good place to eat, or something else entirely.

See the whole Baltic Sea Route

On the Baltic Sea Route's website, you can see the entire route and find inspiration for planning your trip on all or parts of the Baltic Sea Route's 14 exciting stages.