Strandskoven Sibirien - Faxe Ladeplads

This is where unique nature experiences begin

The nature of South Zealand and Møn is vast, unique and full of wonder. There is room for everyone and for many different activities. We have put together a selection of the destination’s most unique nature experiences, so click below and prepare to be inspired!

Plants in South Zealand and on Møn

Nature is wonderful, fascinating and great – and the nature in South Zealand and on Møn is absolutely no exception. In fact, it’s so great in these parts, it’s worth a trip in itself!

Birds in South Zealand and on Møn

In the nature of South Zealand and Møn, there is ample opportunity to meet all sorts of birds – from ordinary blackbirds to the rather rare kingfisher...

Special natural areas

Nature is full of wonder and diversity, and there are many opportunities to experience this diversity in The South Coast of Denmark. See our guide to ...

Discover South Zealand and Møn on horseback

Go riding in The South Coast of Denmark and discover the area’s beautiful nature from horseback. On this page, we have collected some suggestions for ...

Dark Sky Møn and Nyord

Møn and Nyord have unique starry night skies with very little light pollution, which means that the sky is very dark, and it is therefore possible to ...

Møns Klint

Møns Klint is a very popular destination, and it’s easy to see why! The beautiful white cliffs that rise above the sea are something special – and not just on a Danish scale, but internationally as well.

Stevns Klint UNESCO World Heritage Centre

In South Zealand, the Stevns Klint cliffs tower 41 metres above sea level and are by far the area’s best beacon for tourism. You can see visible layers of fish clay in the cliffs, testifying to one of the worst disasters in the history of the Earth.

The Forest Tower at Camp Adventure

The Forest Tower at Camp Adventure is an experience like no other. The tower’s upper platform is located 135 meters above sea level, making it the highest accessible point on Zealand.

Go fossil hunting!

Go fossil hunting in The South Coast of Denmark’s huge chalk layers and find relics of the past that have been there for millions of years.

Limestone Quarries in South Zealand and on Møn

Borrow a pickaxe and go fossil hunting in the huge chalk layers that are several million years old. Get lucky and find a greeting from the distant, distant past!

Fishing at Knudshoved Odde

Knudshoved Odde is a nice area where you can drive to Knudsskovgård and park your car. From there, there are approx. 7 km. out to the tip itself. There can be strong current and there are several deep holes, so using waders is an advantage. The area is totally peaceful, and is design...

Seal safari at Avnø Fjord

Avnø Fjord is a very special area where it is possible to go on a seal safari. Here you can often experience the seals lying on the stomach on the many stones. If they jump in the water, you have come too close to them. You can see the seals from the land, but the best experience you ge...

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SUP surfing in The South Coast of Denmark

Shift down a gear. Come down to the beach. Get both your feet on a board. Learn something new, something that makes you smile and clears your mind. Water sports, where the family is united and lost in the moment.  The water adventures begin here!

Hiking in the rugged nature

Shift down a gear and go hiking in South Zealand and on Møn. There is plenty of open space and hiking trails as far as the eye can see. Shift down a gear and immerse yourselves in The South Coast of Denmark. The hike starts here!

Walking at your own pace

Get down to speed. Discover the beautiful scenery and impressive architecture in symbiosis on South Zealand & Mon. Right out there where you stay away in the countryside. Get down and stay away in the south coast of Denmark.

Fishing for the whole family

Just an hour from Copenhagen, and you are already far away! Away from the stresses of everyday life – out of range and without coverage. The fishing trip starts here in South Zealand & Møn!


Shift down a gear and become one with nature. The whole family can gather here without any disturbances. Come down and relax in The South Coast of Denmark. The canoe trip starts here.

Cycling in South Zealand and on Møn

Experience The South Coast of Denmark by bike on some of the destination’s many marked cycle routes. You will find round trips that you can easily manage in a single day as well as longer trips that require accommodation along the way. Come down here and immerse yourself in The South Coast

From Møns Klint to Stevns Klint

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

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Sleep under the stars in The South Coast of Denmark

The South Coast of Denmark offers many opportunities to sleep in the heart of nature – e.g. at one of the destination’s many shelter sites.

Harbour guide

Visit one of The South Coast of Denmark’s many charming harbours. The destination offers Denmark’s longest coastline, and the next harbour is never fa...

Farm shops

If you’re looking for local flavours, follow our guide to farm shops and specialist shops in South Zealand and on Møn.


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