Efterårsferie Vordingborg

Autumn experiences

Spend the autumn holiday in The South Coast of Denmark. Start planning with our guide to the many experiences and activities available in the autumn holidays in South Zealand and on Møn.

Klatrebane på Camp Adventure

Camp Adventure

Come and have a nice, challenging day, for the whole family in the fun climbing paths in Denmark's largest climbing park or take a walk along the new boradwalk and enjoy the forest's beautiful autumn colors. Week 42 is open Monday through Saturday from 7 p.m. 10-18.

Halloviin i BonBon-Land

Lær at udtale Skeleton Feast in BonBon-Land

Look forward to a week full of excitement and thrill in BonBon-Lands with eerie mazes, Viggo's new Gyserfest, Skeleton Hunt and the many rides - there are experiences for both big and small. The Skeletons Fest starts on October 13 and is open all autumn holidays from 7 p.m. 10 am - 5 pm

Gavnø Slot

Gavnø Castle

During the autumn holidays there are plenty of experiences on Gavnø - here you can enjoy the Danish autumn weather and try your hand at the Gavnø Go Fly courses. Gavnø lights up the fire and offers free snow bread to all their guests. All days from 10am to 5pm.

GeoCenter Møns Klint

GeoCenter Møns Klint

During the autumn holidays, you can experience Denmark's largest volcanic eruption, cast your own dinosaur tooth, pat a living crocodile, take on the Adventure Run with Guide and much, much more. See it all from the Climbing Tops, which are open every day.

Kalvehave labyrintpark

Get lost in Kalvehave Labyrinth Park

The maze park is open from 1 p.m. 10am to 5pm and invite everyone to fun and challenging activities during the fall holidays. Can you get out before darkness falls? From October 16 to October 18, it is open until 11 p.m. 22:00, so remember the flashlight.

Feddet Strand Resort

Feddet Strand Camping & Feriepark

This autumn holiday offers a lot of exciting activities. Everything from apple squeezing to halloween workshops, ghost hunting, horseback riding, water polo tournaments, goosebumps, petting zoo and more.

Møn is stald

Visit Møn Ice Cream

How much milk does a cow give per day? day and how does milk turn into ice cream? Get the answer to that and more in the farm quiz at Møn Is this fall. There are prizes for all children under the age of 14 and participation is free.

Danmarks Borgcenter - iPadguide

Autumn holiday at Borgen

Ghosthunt, a fantastic falcon show with the world's largest eagle, snow bread baking and Viking ship workshop - it's just a small selection of everything you can experience at the Danish Borgcenter in week 42! Open Mon.-Fri. 10:30 to 15:30.

Fossiljagt Faxe Kalkbrud

Fossil Hunting in Faxe Limestone Quarry

Raise 63 million years back in time and joined a guided fossil hunt in Faxe Kalkbrud. The 2-hour tour starts at the Geomuseum Faxe with departures every day during the autumn holidays from Monday to Friday either at. 11 a.m. or 2 p.m. 14th