BonBon-Land is known by children and the young at heart all over the country, and with good reason! Approximately 60 rides have had their home in Holme-Olstrup in South Zealand for more than 27 years, and they are therefore part of many people’s childhood memories!

BonBon-Land opened in 1992, when boiled sweets maker Michael Spangsberg had an idea for the now-famous flavours of sweets such as “seagull droppings”, “dog farts” and “rotten fish”. 

Vandrutchebane Bonbon-Land

Excitement for the whole family!

BonBon-Land has so many rides, it’s difficult to try them all in one day. And you’re not supposed to either! The amusement park spans more than 130,000 m2 and contains around 60 rides, small and large playgrounds, restaurants and more. 

Enjoyment to the highest level!

At BonBon-Land, there’s room for everyone – even the dog can tag along. BonBon-Land is not far from Næstved, and once you park the car among the trees in the large car park and have paid the entrance fee, all the rides are free. The amusement park also has Denmark’s only VR rollercoaster, Viktor Vandorm, showing a secret world behind the virtual-reality goggles, as you whiz along the water worm rollercoaster’s many turns and climbs

Bonbon-Land Skildpadden

Three fun facts about BonBon-Land

1. You can come back the next day for free! Just remember to get a stamp and fill out your second-day ticket before you leave the park. 

2. BonBon-Land has a weather guarantee! If you buy a ticket for a specific date and click “Add Weather Ticket”, you can use the ticket on another date of your choosing (within seven days) for free.

3. Every year, more than 60 tonnes of French fries, 130,000 soft serve ice cream cones and 80,000 sausages (corresponding to 25 km of sausage) are sold.


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Longitude: 11.860773

Latitude: 55.259329

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