Easter holidays in The South Coast of Denmark

Photo: Næstved City

Have an Easter holiday in South Zealand and on Møn. Find inspiration for activities here

Easter is a wonderful time with traditions, family togetherness and the opportunity to recharge after the cold and dark of winter. But why not spend the Easter holidays on an adventure trip to South Zealand and Møn with friends, your partner or the whole family? A few days of nature experiences, museum visits or pure relaxation and self-indulgence. There are plenty of opportunities – all within an hour’s drive of Copenhagen.


If you love to fish – whether you consider yourself a professional or an amateur – you will get your fill in The South Coast of Denmark, where there is plenty of good fishing water.

Cycling in The South Coast of Denmark

In The South Coast of Denmark, you can go from cliff to cliff on your bike – from Møns Klint in the south to Stevns Klint in the north – or vice versa! Enjoy the unique landscape from the saddle, feel the wind on your cheeks and experience the wonderful scents of nature.

Hiking in The South Coast of Denmark

Be sure to soak up the full effect of nature as you hike through South Zealand and Møn. With its irresistible nature – and loads of it – there are plenty of hiking options to choose from!

Find inspiration for more exploration

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