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Hovgårdsvej 4

4780 Stege



Phone:23 26 38 19

Come and experience a modern farm while enjoying the tasty home-made ice cream.

Delicious ice cream and tasty sorbet ice cream flows out from the dairy farm at Råbylille.

While enjoying the ice cream, you are welcome to walk around and greet our cows and calves.

The dairy shop uses delicious, fresh, natural and clean ingredients. The milk naturally comes from the farm's own dairy cows. We offer ice cream in many varieties, depending on the seasonal ingredients and of course the old classics like vanilla, chocolate and nougat.

In our shop you can buy old-fashioned ice cream waffles, or you can take a ½ or 1 full liter of your favorite ice cream home. We also offer fresh milk from the farm and well-hung beef and several different delicious sausages from our own animals.

If you have a party, we have the solution for the dessert. Rent our ice car so you can easily manage the dessert in a different and super delicious way.


Hovgårdsvej 4

4780 Stege



Homemade ice cream

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