Join the Dark Sky star safari

I arrange tours of the Dark Sky Park of Møn & Nyord, for those interested in experiencing the wonders of the night sky on clear nights in our internationally renowned Dark Sky Park.

We can look at the stars using our naked eyes, we can use special binoculars, a small telescope, or a larger telescope. Depending on what is on display at any given time, we can look at the Milky Way, star clusters, planets, nebulae or galaxies. All things that are almost impossible to see from a city, because of the ever increasing light pollution there.

I also teach courses in astrophotography, and we can make photos of the Milky Way, or selected smaller objects of the night sky. If you like, we can include you in a milky way photo, too.

Whatever your interest, I will contribute with my knowledge of what's going on in the sky.

I can also arrange walks in the forests and meadows, to experience the special feeling of being in a really dark place. The augmentation of the other senses, hearing the sounds animals make at night, and just be at peace without the constant light of the city.

I have an apartment for rent if you wish to stay overnight in comfortable surroundings, or I can arrange staying in shelters or tents.

Please contact me if you are interested in a tour, let me know what interests you, and we we can arrange for a trip into the darkness of Møn at night.