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Dambækgaard sustainable farm

Climate friendly and sustainable accommodation at Dambækgaard, sustainable farm.

Are you longing for a place where you can hear the wind blowing, look at the stars as well as the horizon and enjoy a home cooked meal?

Indulge yourself with a farm retreat, be woken by the rooster, the freshly baked buns on the table and go to bed full of fresh air, good food and experiences.

There is plenty of opportunities to help the farmer feed the pigs, goats, duck, geese and chickens, make bonfires in the garden, climb trees or explore the surroundings.

Dambækgaard offers accommodation in a newly build flat on top of the old barn with a unique view over the fields on the idyllic farm in quite surroundings close to Stevns Klint, Vallø golf, the cozy shopping area in Køge and surrounded by lots of nature.

Here you’ll experience to perfect combination of peace and quiet in the middle of the field, as well as a lots of life with young foreigners helping out on the farm, children playing, piglets fighting over a root in the soil on the field and goats trying to break through the fence to eat raspberries from the berry garden.

The flat has two rooms and private bathroom, accommodating five persons and built from sustainable materials, where sustainability has been taken into consideration in all the design solutions. The rest of the farm is maintained and run with as little use of fossil fuels as possible, respecting the climate and environment.

Kirstine, the farm wife at Dambækgaard, has been a home cook and cater for the past twenty years. She specializes in sustainable cooking and offers social dining for breakfast and dinner, primarily organic and made from either the farms or other local producers products.

Dambækgaard is also available for smaller events without accommodation, like network meetings, company excursions or as the pop-up restaurant “Dinner at Grandma’s”.


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