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If you love to fish – whether you consider yourself a professional or an amateur – you will get your fill in The South Coast of Denmark, where there is plenty of good fishing water. 

Plan your fishing trip and read more about the good fishing spots in South Zealand and on Møn, and get tips and advice on coastal fishing, brackish water fishing and trolling at Fishing Zealand.

Fishing licence
Remember to
obtain a fishing licence and, in some places, fishing permits, and check up on conservation and size limit calculations


Coastal fishing in South Zealand and on Møn

Along the beautiful coasts of South Zealand and Møn, there is ample opportunity to land a good catch – both for seasoned anglers and those who just want to try for fun.

Inshore fishing from Stevns Klint

Beautiful Stevns offers fantastic trout fishing. In the angling community, Stevns is known as one of the top places in the country to fish for trout. Stevns will always guarantee great nature and unique fishing experiences. There are a number of exciting fishing spots from north to s...

Trollingfiskeri, grundet det relative dybe vand i Østersøen er området også specielt godt til laksefiskeri, de fanges i mange størrelser og det kan være lidt af en kamp at få dem fanget ind, men det er kampen værd!
Klintholm havn fungerer i større stil som udgangspunkt for trollingfiskeri i området.

Trolling på Sydsjælland

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Brakvandsgeddefiskeri, Sydsjælland og Møn byder også på Danmarks bedste brakvandsgeddefiskeri. Brakvandsgedderne trives godt og har derfor gode vækstbetingelser i det brakke vand.


Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Har du brug for en oversigt over de gode fiskesteder på Sydsjælland og Møn, så har Fishing Zealand sørget for en god oversigt her.

De gode fiskesteder på Sydsjælland og Møn

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