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Photo: Tage Klee

Stege is one of Denmark's oldest shopping towns and bears the mark of the Middle Ages, as well as more modern times, which makes the city an interesting and beautiful city to explore.

Stege is perfectly located on the northern part of Møn, not far from the Farø bridge from Zealand.

There is everything the heart desires in Stege; beautiful scenery, exciting history, beautiful art, local markets and fun for the kids! Explore one of the fantastic cities in the south coast of Denmark here on this page

Museums and art in Stege

Thorsvang - Collector's museum

Visit "the good old days" at Thorsvang Collectors Museum and experience the world of yesterday. Walk through old shops and workshops full of wonderful...

Møns Museum, Empiregaarden

Empiregården in Stege is an old grocery store that has housed the Møns Museum since 1958. However, from about 1781 up to 1922 it has been traders and ...

Liza's Gallery

Liza's Gallery is located in Stege and is run by Rupert Sutton and Liza Krügermeier, and opened in 2007. Prior to opening on Møn they had a gallery at...

Bent Rune Gallery

At Galleri Bent Rune in Stege you can experience his many works of art. Bent Rune is well-known for its so-called crowd pictures, where you can be ...

The historical Stege

Medieval Garden in Stege

The medieval garden in Stege An interesting garden with historical plants from Mon and Nyord. The medieval garden is located directly under the mighty tower of Stege church. Here, the volunteers of the association of historical plants, work with the preservation of historical plants...

Stege church

St. Hans church in Stege is dedicated to either John the Baptist or John the Evangelist, it is not known with certainty. The church is a large Gothic monastery building that has been built up several times. Therefore, the oldest part of the church dates from the 13th century and by the ...

Stege Mølleport og byvold

Arround the year 1430 Steges rampart and moat were established. On top of the rampart was build a town wall and three towers were raised. Only one tower is left: "Mølleporten"

The Herring Route

When visiting the old market town of Stege, you can walk along the former ‘Herring Route’. This name comes from the Middle Ages, approximately during 1430 – 1530, when Stege reached its trading days of glory, unlike it had ever seen before or since. Such great success was a result of the h...

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Tuesday market in Stege (Tirsdagsmarked Stege)

Tuesday market in Stege (Tirsdagsmarked Stege) Every year in the summer period Møn holds 6 Tuesday market days – the town is filled with stalls, activities for all ages and lots of people. The Tuesday market in Stege is a great experience and the entire town is transformed into one ...

Møn Bolcher

The small candy factory at the old sugar factory in Stege is one of the best places to visit for any family of children. Here, the children are allowed to make their own lollipop with the help of the professional bolcher cookers. The store offers a rich selection of the brightly colored...

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Experiences in Stege

Stege Harbor

Stege Harbor is a large port with an active harbor environment with boat harbour, cafés and a rowing club. The marina has been recently renovated a...

Panorama Route 423 – Life is Sweet

Just as the name implies, the tour “Life is Sweet” is tailored for those of you with a sweet tooth. If the kids are getting a bit tired of pedalling, ...

Kitesurfing on Faroe

North of Falster and close to Mon lies Faroe with good possibilities for both wind surfing and kite surfing. You surf from the causeway east of the ...

Diving in Stege Nor on Møn

You never know what to expect during a dive in the narrow waters of the Stege bay. There are many colourful fish to observe - both saltwater and fresh...

The Camøno – Denmark’s friendliest hiking trail

The Camøno, also called “the kingdom’s friendliest hiking trail”, extends for over 175 km across Møn, Bogø and Nyord. Along the way, you pass through the area’s most beautiful scenery, along breathtaking coastlines through cosy little villages and past several sights.

The Ferry Møn

Sail trip with the Ferry Møn (Færgen Møn) Come and experience a sail trip with the ferry Møn, an older but newly renovated ferry with good facilities and atmosphere on board. The ferry sails from Stege to Kalvehave and back on special hours. All the staff on board are volunteers from t...

Sleep, eat and explore Stege

Sov godt i Stege

Stege by byder på så mange oplevelser og ting at se, at en overnatning næsten er uundgåelig. Se her, hvor I kan overnatte, mens I er her

Spisesteder i Stege

Nyd et måltid mad, en is eller en kop kaffe på en af Steges mange skønne spisesteder

Oplevelser max. 30 minutter fra Stege

Møns Klint, Danmarks Borgcenter og Danmarks Mindste Museum er blot nogle af de fascinerende oplevelser der ligger blot et stenkast fra Stege! Vi har samlet en liste med nogle af de bedste oplevelser max. 30 minutters kørsel fra Stege her

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