Uvejr på Enø

9 experiences for a rainy day

What to do if it’s pouring rain? Don’t despair, we give you a handful of tips for fun and exciting experiences that you can enjoy – even on a rainy day!

#1 GeoCenter Møns Klint

The adventure centre with all kinds of activities

GeoCenter Møns Klint

At the far end of one of Denmark’s most beautiful natural attractions, the cliffs of Møns Klint, lies the GeoCenter of the same name. The centre, which is focused on the birth of Denmark, is packed with activities to last several hours or a whole day – well, maybe even more if you want to take it all in! The fantastic exhibition with lots of interactive elements and a 3D cinema is not the only thing you can experience.

If there’s a break in the rain, put on your shoes and trek down the stairs to enjoy the views and impressive cliffs at close range, and perhaps take some treasure home from the beach in the form of a fossil. If you’re ready for a challenge, you can embark on the tree top adventure courses in the surrounding forest area. If you aren’t too fond of heights, guided Mountain Bike tours and actual fossil hunts are also on offer! 

#2 Stevnsfort Cold War Museum

An underground journey through wartime history

Koldkrigsmuseum Stevnsfort

The skilled guides from the Stevnsfort Cold War Museum are always ready to give you a tour of the very special underground fort from the time of the Cold War. In addition, the fort focuses on the atomic bomb with a special exhibition that explores the problems and dilemmas surrounding it. And for something quite unique, the older visitors (aged 15 and up) can test their skills as tank drivers in the miniature tanks!

#4 Næstved Automobile Museum

A collector’s museum for young and old with cars, motorcycles and cool nostalgic motorised machines! 

Næstved Automobilmuseum

At Næstved Automobile Museum, the whole family can experience some of the biggest icons. Old vintage cars, motorcycles, workshops and shops from the 1950s fill more than 3,000 m2. We can’t say who will enjoy themselves the most – dad or the children, but Næstved Automobile Museum is clearly worth a visit if you have a little mechanic enthusiast in you.

#5 Fun company tours on Møn

Visit a boiled sweets factory or an ice cream dairy and see how the treats are made!

Møn bolcher

If tasty boiled sweets are a hit in your family, you should visit the small boiled sweets factory in the old Stege sugar factory. At the boiled sweets factory Møn Bolcher, the children can try their hand at making their own lollipops, and in the shop you can see the large selection of colourful boiled sweets and, of course, buy as many as you want. After each boil, tasty flavours are offered for tasting, but the boiled sweets are not cooked every day, so contact Møn Bolcher before you go.

At Møn Is ice cream dairy, there is ample opportunity to give the children a true farming experience. The children can go exploring in the barn and pet their favourite cow while learning where milk and ice cream come from.

#6 Escape room

Solve the mystery to escape captivity!

Escape room Næstved

The Escape Room is a fun and entertaining mission that requires collaboration between all family members. Using hints and hidden clues, you must solve various tasks that will eventually release the key that lets you back out into freedom. Can you solve the mystery within an hour and regain your freedom before time runs out? You can solve mysteries in both Næstved Bowl’n’Fun and at the Cold War Museum Stevnsfortet!

#7 Næstved Legeland

Spend hours having fun and playing video games!

Næstved Legeland hoppeborg


Næstved Legeland is a huge indoor play centre filled with the most popular amusements, e.g. bouncy castles, circus land and “jungle jump”. For the little ones (0-3 years), there is a bouncy castle with inflatable animals and a ball castle, where they can play in a soft ball pit.

Older and more thrill-seeking children can throw themselves onto a large slide or try the jungle obstacle course, which is fun for both children and adults. There is also ample opportunity to challenge each other, including in the football tunnel, mega basketball and sumo wrestling or on the gladiator court. 

#9 A trip to the cinema

Get a good laugh, a real thrill or experience another world!

Biograf på Sydsjælland og Møn

A trip to the cinema with sweets, popcorn and fizzy drinks is perfect if the weather shows its greyest and dullest face. The cinemas on the South Coast of Denmark offer a large selection of films, so there’s something for everyone! 

See which films are on the programme in one of the cinemas near you: Bio Næstved, Biograf Kanten, Biograf Stege, Glumsø Biograf & Kulturhus, Haslev Bio or Nordisk Film Biografer in Næstved.