Nyord Svaler


Don’t miss out on a visit to the small car-free island of Nyord, where you can experience genuine worry-free island life. The 5 km² island is located north of Møn and consists of a large nature reserve and the charming village of the same name as the island.

Nyord is a very special experience – that’s something you’ll hear from everyone who has visited the small island. After the trip over the single-track dam from Møn, Nyord Enge Nature Reserve is the first thing you encounter. The meadows are home to an extremely rich variety of flora, fauna and birdlife and are known as one of Denmark’s best habitats for aquatic birds. The birdlife can be observed from the bird tower by the road in the middle of the meadows. In the middle of the meadows is the small lookout house Møllestangen, which dates back to 1882 and was used as an observation point for ships. Today it’s known as Denmark’s smallest museum and shows the story of the pilots’ work and a little about Nyord’s history.

Lodshuset Møllestangen på Nyord

Whiskey sold by weight

A visit to Noorbohandelen

Once you have passed the nature reserve, you enter the town of Nyord and a small car park. Cars are required to park here because Nyord is a car-free island, so the rest of your visit will be on foot. After a short walk of approx. 100 m from the car park you will encounter Noorbohandelen, which is an attraction in itself. The little shop sells whisky and other spirits by weight, which you choose yourself from the large whisky wall. You can also buy locally produced foods like mustard with a strawberry flavour from Nyord Sennepsmølle, which is located right in the backyard. 

Noorbohandelen whisky

To the people of Nyord, it really does seem like they live a worry-free island life. Whether it is because of the nature, the tranquillity, the car ban or the whiskey, you can judge for yourself. Below, we’ve compiled some of the many experiences on Nyord where you can get a definite feel for the idyllic island atmosphere.