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This is where nature begins

Photo:Frame & Work&VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Great nature experiences await when you come to South Zealand and Møn. We have two cliffs – Stevns Klint, which is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, and Møns Klint, with chalk cliffs over 100 m high.

The South Coast of Denmark is ideal for hiking, biking, angling and many other forms of active holidays, but of course also offers relaxing bathing beaches and tranquil landscapes to immerse yourself in.

Also, remember to gaze up at the stars as darkness descends! Møn stakes its claim to the starry night sky and it’s worth a night-time visit!

Gavnø Go Fly

Up high

Heste på Feddet Hippoxplore

On the road

Solopgang Møns Klint


Vandretur ved Møns Klint

On foot

The active outdoor life

Unique nature experiences

In only a few places in Denmark will you find nature as varied as in South Zealand and on Møn. You can find rare birds and plants, steep cliffs, deep lakes and an azure sea. 

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