Bål og Sankt Hans Vordingborg

Midsummer’s Eve

At midsummer, we celebrate the longest day of the year and enjoy ourselves in the glow of the bonfire.

In Denmark, midsummer is marked on Midsummer’s Eve (Sankt Hans), with bonfires and singing. According to tradition, the Midsummer’s Eve bonfire keeps evil creatures at bay, and the custom dates back to the 1600s – perhaps even further back. The tradition also involves burning a witch on the bonfire, aptly symbolising the custom of keeping evil away. 

Holger Drachmann’s Midsummer ballad, “Vi elsker vort land” (“We Love Our Country”), is a recurring feature of any Danish Midsummer’s Eve celebration – either in the original version or in Shu-Bi-Dua’s slightly reworked version. Then you meet up with friends and family in the glow of the bonfire and enjoy the long, light Midsummer’s Eve. 

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