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Holidays for couples and friends

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Get tips for great experiences and enjoyable moments in The South Coast of Denmark with your friends or partner

The South Coast of Denmark wants to treat you to something special! When you visit us, it’s important that you have a good experience and enjoy your time here. On this page you will find restaurants, cafés and accommodation that will hopefully live up to your wishes.  

The options are plentiful, but wherever you choose to eat or spend the night, you will be well received by skilled and hospitable hosts. So start getting excited!

On a weekendtrip in The South Coast of Denmark

Top attraktions on South Zealand and Møn

A guide to the shopping trip

Photo: Tue Schiørring Fotografi


Spoil yourself and each other on a wonderful holiday in The South Coast of Denmark

Cultural experiences in The South Coast of Denmark

With its many castles and manor houses, all kinds of galleries, museums and churches, if you’re in search of cultural experiences you have not come to...

The South Coast of Denmark’s lovely beaches

The South Coast of Denmark’s long coastline offers a string of beautiful sandy beaches, with the blue flag flying on most of them as proof that the qu...

Gastronomy for adults

Enjoy an exquisite gastronomic experience at one of the area's most luxurious restaurants

Eat well with friends and partners

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From cliff to cliff

Come down and stay high

Sleep well in The South Coast of Denmark

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