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Bringing outdoor gear of the right type, quantity and quality is one of the most important elements in creating good and positive nature experiences all year round. It reduces the quality of the experience if one cannot keep the heat in the sleeping bag at night or keep the rain out of the tent when nature is showing off.

At SharePacker, you have the opportunity to rent the right outdoor gear required for your particular nature experience. SharePacker offers unique and tailor-made tent and shelter packages, which contains all the elements that can help making your nature experience a good and comfortable one. SharePacker also offers the option of renting individual parts, if you just want to supplement the gear you already own.

SharePacker offers rental of the following:

  • Tents (from 2 people and up to 4 people)
  • Sleeping bags with expander liner (both summer and winter)
  • Backpacks (both long and short)
  • Self-inflating mats
  • Head lamps and lanterns
  • Cookware

At SharePacker, we are passionate about the good nature experience that is best created when the right gear is brought to the experience. At SharePacker, we take the time to inform you with knowledge about exactly the gear that is composed for your nature experience

SharePacker is located in Holmegaard just outside Næstved in the vicinity of the E47 motorway. When you pick up your equipment from us, you will find yourself within a short drive of a lot of opportunities for development in nature-rich areas ideal for your next nature experience with SharePacker.

Feel free to call us at +4560636250 or write us at and we will help you with your next nature experience.

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