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Hesede Hovedgård B&B

Hesede Hovedgård was built in 1827 by the Gisselfeld Estate, overlooking the beautiful rolling fields of Southern Zealand from the brink of Hesede Forest.  It is located on the so-called Marguerite Route, a Danish route that takes one through particularly beautiful scenery, a mere from 2 km from the Gisselfeld Castle and 4 km from the Forest Tower.  The old manor house was renovated from top to bottom in 2019.

In the main house, you will find eight double rooms each featuring their own unique decoration, carefully mixing the building’s history with contemporary art.  You might for instance spend a night in The Mangling Room, which was used for mangling back in the day.  Today, a charming old mangle serves as a desk.  Or, you might stay in one of the house’s original guest rooms on the first floor, all with sloping walls and a lovely view of either the Gisselfeld Estate or the large park-like garden.

These days, Hesede Hovedgård is leased by Kit and Claus who live in part of the house.  Their passion for great quality wine and food, exciting contemporary art and meeting people runs through the place.  However, the Queen of the house is Gertrud the Cat whom they inherited from their predecessor.  The couple is happy to share stories about the history of the manor house, about how they themselves ended up moving from Copenhagen to Hesede Hovedgård as well as tips and ideas for things to see and do in the area.

Guests will often be able to enjoy an informal dinner with the hosts or perhaps make a little trip with Claus to the wine cellar.  You can also order tapas to be enjoyed in your own good company in the soft chairs in the hallway or outside.  Each morning, you can enjoy a lovely breakfast in Kit and Claus’ private dining room around one big table.

In the large garden behind the house, you can enjoy a crisp glass of chilled white wine from the comfort of a reclining chair, perhaps keeping an eye on the grass growing.  Or try the 8 m tall swing which hangs from the 200-year-old oak.  Part of the garden is left untouched for the benefit of small animals and insects.  In 2020, a bed of flowers has been planted especially to attract bumblebees and butterflies.  The garden is also home to a herd of deer, hares, pheasants, a buzzard, the occasional woodpecker and lots of other birds.  Feel free to make use of the lawn games or take a stroll around the little lake and venture further on into the forest.

Pop-up art shows are organized at irregular intervals.  House guests are always welcome to enjoy the current show in the Gallery, if not participate in the opening of an exhibition or an artist talk.  Wine events are also held, particularly spring and fall.

Next to the main house – in the old steward’s house and in the barn – you will find three specialty shops: KaffeLaug, a coffee roastery with high quality coffee from small estates.  This coffee is of course served in the main house.  Veras Verden, full of designer products and unique gifts.  Akeleje Studio, selling high quality outdoor wear and sportswear.

A little further down the road at the Gisselfeld Estate, you can also visit the beautiful orangery Paradehuset in which you will find plants, peace and quiet and an almost magical atmosphere.  If you visit the Forest Tower, you can also try some of their climbing courses among the treetops.

Hesede Hovedgård is right in the middle of it all.

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