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Gjorslev Park

Gjorslev Castle is 600 years old, this is the only inhabited medieval castle in Denmark. It is built of limestone from Stevns Klint and of large bricks. Gjorslev Estate covered the most of Stevns in past times. Today 4.125 acres of farmland and woodland belong to the estate.

The park is located south and west of the castle and is set in an English style with many freestanding trees. The park itself is approx. 10 hectares and has a 42 meter long pergola with roses and clematis which was planted in 1997.

There is free access to parts of the large castle park, but "Access prohibited" signs may also be respected. Visits to the park can be made by access from the road between Magleby and Holtug through a gate at the small parking lot.

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