Fiskeri ved Stevns Klint

Fishing for the whole family

Just an hour from Copenhagen, and you are already far away! Away from the stresses of everyday life – out of range and without coverage. The fishing trip starts here in South Zealand & Møn!

Come down here and let go

Familie fisketur Stevns Klint

Amazing experiences

Go exploring with the fishing rod, the fishing net and the family. A different and nature-rich family holiday, where together you can go out on the water and experience the calm, closeness and cosiness of a fishing trip. Combine the fishing trip with family time at the beach, where the children can find seashells and build sand castles while giving the fishing rod a brief rest. The South Coast of Denmark’s many fishing waters offer experiences, challenges and new interests for all ages.

Far og søn fisker

Experience the atmosphere up close in the video here

Angling in South Zealand and Møn

The fishing waters in The South Coast of Denmark are unique and offer you the chance to catch a variety of fish. As an angler, there are several exciting opportunities in South Zealand and Møn. Try your hand at trolling on Møn – one of the best places to catch salmon – or fishing for the brackish water pike or coastal fishing in some of Denmark’s most scenic landscapes. Fishing is a sport where you can really relax, free your mind and let nature take over. Enjoy the thrill when the fish bites the bait and tugs at the line. Remember to check whether you have your fishing licence in order and where to fish. 

Stevns Klint fiskeri

Spend a night in the area

Enjoy the fishing trip and each other. Spend the night out in the open, where nature welcomes you. Feddet Strand Beach Resort is a family-friendly campsite that offers plenty of activities for families with children. You will find fun and challenging playgrounds, miniature golf, horseback riding on Icelandic horses, a petting zoo, electric motocross for both children and adults and much more. Nature is waiting just outside your tent, with miles of hiking and biking trails, a nature centre, a lunch room to have your packed lunches and a bird tower, all of which encourage experiences and exploration for the whole family.

grill på Feddet Strand Resort Mobilhome