Feddet is an amazing and picturesque peninsula that separates Præstø Fjord and Faxe bay. You’ll find beautiful nature here, with many kilometres of beaches and walking and cycling routes on stunning nature trails. 

Feddet is a 2,000 year old peninsula that was formed by beach ridges. The peninsula is still growing in width due to the constant sand supply from the northeast. The subsoil consists primarily of gravel, sand and flint. The soil is therefore very poor in nutrients, which is the reason for Feddet’s unique flora and fauna. Feddet is home to Zealand’s largest heath, which is covered in heather, grass, and pine, oak and birch forests. This is a place where you can truly enjoy the sounds and scenery of nature. 


Unique nature experiences

Bird tower 

On the southernmost part of Feddet you will find a bird tower with a view of the beaches, the fields and the fjord. It is the perfect location for observing migrating or resting birds. 

Birdlife here is especially rich in the spring and autumn, when many birds rest and migrate across Feddet. Autumn in particular brings birdlife including buzzards, sparrow hawks and various wading birds. If you want to see geese and ducks, drop by during the winter, when they often use the salt marshes and fields as a rest stop. 


Feddet has a plantation that grows organic pick-your-own blueberries. The berries are easy to pick for both children and adults, as they are of the large bush variety which can grow up to 2 metres tall. 

The pick-your-own price is DKK 80 per kg. 

There is free parking at the plantation.

Naturcenter Fiskerhuset

Naturcenter Fiskerhuset is located on the fjord side of Feddet. It offers you the possibility to participate in trips and events during the year, or to rent equipment and explore nature yourself. 


South of Strandegård and close to the beach there is a primitive shelter with a campfire area and a composting toilet. It is free to stay for a single night at a time. The shelter is primarily for families and individuals on bicycle, hiking and kayaking trips.

You can read more about the shelter sites here.

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Traktor på Feddet

Activities in abundance

Feddet is home to Feddet Strand Resort, which offers camping, cabin rental, tents and holiday homes. You’ll find activities here in abundance, either free of charge or for a fee from Feddet Strand Resort. 

Activities include kayaking, horse riding, mountain biking, electric motorcycles, angling, beach volleyball or playing on the large jumping and obstacle courses, which are located out in the water by the beach. 

Feddet Strand


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Longitude: 12.102814

Latitude: 55.172202

Within 30 minutes of Feddet