Cultural experiences in The South Coast of Denmark

Photo: Næstved Ungdomsskole

With its many castles and manor houses, all kinds of galleries, museums and churches, if you’re in search of cultural experiences you have not come to The South Coast of Denmark in vain. 

Holmegaard Værk

The Nordic living museum for glass, ceramics and design is located near Næstved

The Danish Castle Centre

In the heart of Vordingborg is The Danish Castle Centre – a reminder of the medieval heyday in South Zealand – told in a new way.

Stevnsfort Cold War Museum

The fort Stevnsfortet was located on the very frontline – Denmark and NATO’s secret element of defence during the Cold War. A story you may remember, but don’t really know! Visit the Cold War Museum in South Zealand.

Geomuseum Faxe

63 mio. years ago most of Northern Europe was covered bysea. Visit Geomuseum Faxe and see fossils of sharks, crocodiles and other animals that lived in the sea where Faxe is today. Collect your own fossils in the open quarry Faxe Kalkbrud.

GeoCenter Møns Klint

Visitor’s centre, natural phenomena, active holidays and more – all for the price of one! The GeoCentre at Møns Klint offers entertainment and education for children and adults alike!

Castles, mansions and parks

Feel the adventurous atmosphere at one of the many castles and manors on South Zealand and Møn, where you can also enjoy the sight of the impressive castle gardens filled with flowers, idyll and an exciting history.

Gavnø Castle

The beautiful Rococo castle of Gavnø in South Zealand offers a fairy-tale experience for all. Visit not only the castle, but also the park, the church, the brewery and the Go Fly courses.

Næstved Street Art

Næstved Art Town is an art project throughout Næstved, created by international artists who normally wouldn’t come to the city. The project was created to inspire the local young people and to decorate some of the dull, and forgotten surfaces in the city with national and international art...

Næstved Automobile, Nostalgic and Collector Museum

Welcome to Næstved Automobile, Nostalgic and Collector Museum - an experience for the entire family. 3.400m2 filled with: 160 cars, 60 motorcycles ...

Thorsvang - Collector's museum

Visit "the good old days" at Thorsvang Collectors Museum and experience the world of yesterday. Walk through old shops and workshops full of wonderful...

Møns Museum, Empiregaarden

Empiregården in Stege is an old grocery store that has housed the Møns Museum since 1958. However, from about 1781 up to 1922 it has been traders and ...

Næstved Museum Helligåndshuset

The medieval building, Helligåndshuset - "House of the Holy Spirit" - served in former times as a combined hospital, old people's home and poorhouse. ...

Art in The South Coast of Denmark

If you are interested in art, spend some time visiting the south coast of Denmark. The destination houses many more galleries and artisans than you can visit on a weekend.

Theater and cultural performances

Theater and cultural performances