Møns Klint

Come down and get out

Skovtårnet Camp Adventure aften

Get high on nature and shift down a gear! Come down to The South Coast of Denmark. Just an hour from Copenhagen, you are already far away. Away from the hustle and bustle. Out in the great outdoors and up in tall towers with views and sights! Kayaking or canoeing. On steep slopes and wide beaches. On foot, on bike or on horseback.

Come down and enjoy the many active experiences that await you in the unique nature of The South Coast of Denmark.

Stay in the heart of nature

Go to South Zealand and Møn and discover the best campsites in the heart of nature and fall asleep to the sound of the forest or the rush of the sea. 

Feddet Strand Resort

Create holiday memories at Feddet Strand Resort

At Feddet Strand Resort there are accommodation and activities for the whole family! Play a game of mini-golf on the big course, take a ride on the Icelandic ponies and das in the beautiful cabins close to the water.

Camp Møns Klint

Relax at Camp Møns Klint

Visit Camp Møns Klint and get back to nature. Experience the magnificent scenery from horseback, in a kayak or take a walk on the child-friendly hiking trail Camøneoen.

Kom ned og oplev naturen

Fiskeri Stevns Klint

Fiskeri for hele familien

Just an hour from Copenhagen, and you are already far away! Away from the stresses of everyday life – out of range and without coverage. The fishing trip starts here in South Zealand and Møn!

Skovtårnet gå en tur

Gåture i jeres eget tempo

Shift down a gear. Discover the symbiosis of beautiful nature and impressive architecture in South Zealand and Møn. Way out there where you get lost in the countryside. Come down and immerse yourself in The South Coast of Denmark.

Kano på Susåen Familie


Shift down a gear and become one with nature. The whole family can gather here without any disturbances. Come down and relax in The South Coast of Denmark. The canoe trip starts here.

Venner på cykel

Unikke cykelruter

Oplev SydkystDanmark på cykel på nogle af destinationens mange afmærkede cykelruter. Her er både rundture, som nemt kan klares på en enkelt dag og lang-ture, der kræver overnatning undervejs. - Kom ned og bliv helt væk i SydkystDanmark!

Vandrer i skov

Vandreture i rå natur

Shift down a gear and go hiking in South Zealand and on Møn. There is plenty of open space and hiking trails as far as the eye can see. Shift down a gear and immerse yourselves in The South Coast of Denmark. The hike starts here!

Sup to mans

SUP i SydkystDanmark

Shift down a gear. Come down to the beach. Get both your feet on a board. Learn something new, something that makes you smile and clears your mind. Water sports, where the family is united and lost in the moment. Come down and immerse yourself in The South Coast of Denmark.

The water adventures begin here!


Stay for a few days and recharge your batteries with an overnight stay in the heart of nature. Get inspired here

Kasper Kristensen - Feddet Strand Resort

Find the greatest campsites

Vandretur på Møn

On land


On water

Skovtårnet ved Camp Adventure

In the air

Stevnsfortet gang

Under ground