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Bike Friends Logo med baggrund

Become a “BikeFriend” in The South Coast of Denmark

Photo: Travel Dudes/VisitSydsjælland-Møn

The concept of “BikeFriends” is for anyone who wants to show that biking guests are extra welcome here. Our cycling guests can get access to water, a pump and good service and guidance at these places in South Zealand and Møn.

We love our cycling guests and want to make sure that they have the best experience in The South Coast of Denmark. Therefore, we created “BikeFriends”. With a sticker, and a presentation on “Denmark By Bike”, we want to signal that cycling tourists are welcome to drop in. The label is also a signal that this is a place where a bike tourist has access to water, a bicycle pump, maps, good service etc. Read more about the concept below.

Currently, all The South Coast of Denmark’s tourist offices are “BikeFriends”, but there is room for even more. For example, a BikeFriend could be a baker’s shop, a kiosk, a bike shop, attractions and other places where bike guests might pass. If you want to become part of the scheme, contact Visit Sydsjælland-Møn at

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