GeoCenter Møns Klint

This is where the family experiences begin

Bonbon-Land Skildpadden

There are many experiences to choose from in South Zealand and on Møn. Here on this page, we have selected some of the best ones. Experiences that will surely create good memories for both children and adults. 

Fun and excitement for kids of all ages

If you’re into excitement, fun and trickery, then follow our guide to South Zealand and Møn’s more challenging and entertaining family attractions. 


Exhibitions for children and adults

Discover beautiful motor vehicles, learn about the birth of Denmark and visit fascinating castle parks.

Unique collections

Journey back in time and learn about the Cold War, the birth of Denmark and Valdemar the Victorious and his achievements. 

Fun business tours

Several companies in The South Coast of Denmark offer cosy tours, tastings and much more.

Have even more experiences!

Kunst i Næstved

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