Art museums & exhibitions

Photo: David Stjernholm

If you’re interested in art and culture, visit one – or why not a few – of The South Coast of Denmark’s many art museums. You can stay up-to-date with new and exciting exhibitions here.


Photo: Rønnebæksholm

Gavnø Castle

Gavnø - the Island of Flowers - where historical memories, art, nature and flowers are united in one place. Already in the 12th century there was a pirate's castle at the island. In 1398, however, it was purchased by Queen Margrethe the Ist, who turned it into a convent for "unmarried wome...


KUNSTHAL 44 MØEN Contemporary International Art Kunsthal 44 Møen is a an international exhibition site based on a long-standing collaboration between Møn based artists such as Bjørn Nørgaard, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, the deceased composer and Fluxus-artist Henning Christiansen and ...

Thorsvang - Collector's museum

Visit "the good old days" at Thorsvang Collectors Museum and experience the world of yesterday. Walk through old shops and workshops full of wonderful items from the time when grandpa was young. Shops and workshops have been reconstructed and are operated daily by passionate people, who...

Enjoy more culture

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Other cultural offerings

Parks and public art in The South Coast of Denmark

In South Zealand and on Møn, you will find several parks where you can experience art in idyllic surroundings, flanked by historic buildings. See our ...

Artisans in South Zealand and on Møn

Many artisans have settled in The South Coast of Denmark, so if you’re into arts and crafts, set aside some time when you go to South Zealand and Møn.


South Zealand and Møn are home to more than 30 art galleries, and the area also houses a significant number of active artisans, so set aside some time...

Gavnø Castle

The beautiful Rococo castle of Gavnø in South Zealand offers a fairy-tale experience for all. Visit not only the castle, but also the park, the church...