Kunst i Rødvig Værk21

Here the art begins

Visit some of South Zealand and Møn’s galleries and artisans, but give yourself plenty of time, as there are many of them. The region also houses a few very interesting art museums, as well as various opportunities to experience art in the open air. Take a look below and find your way to the best art experiences in The South Coast of Denmark.  


The atmospheric rooms of the main building, where Grundtvig lived and was inspired in the middle of the 1800s, are today used for temporary art exhibitions in which contemporary art is challenged and challenging. Rønnebæksholm’s exhibitions changes between solo exhibitions with leading art...

Holmegaard Værk

The Nordic living museum for glass, ceramics and design is located near Næstved

Næstved Street Art

Næstved Art Town is an art project throughout Næstved, created by international artists who normally wouldn’t come to the city. The project was created to inspire the local young people and to decorate some of the dull, and forgotten surfaces in the city with national and international art...


Kunsthal 44Møen is an international exhibition space for contemporary art, housed in a converted auto repair workshop in the beautiful countryside of Møn. The kunsthalle is open from early June until early September, presenting an ambitious exhibition programme with emerging as well as est...

VæRK 21

Værk 21 - DESIGN, ARTS AND CARPENTRY CRAFTS FROM STEVNS AND SURROUNDINGS A graphic artist, a group of cabinetmakers and designers who together call themselves VæRK 21, will create life in the summer of 2020 in the old abandoned museum building - the former Stevns Museum - in Højerup by...

Arts & Crafts - All Local

The Gallery of Arts and Crafts Helt Lokalt (All Local) is a newly opened gallery where carefully selected artisans from South Zealand show their work in a wide range of materials. You can meet the following artisans in the gallery in 2019:   Birthe Liisberg Bruun Oxager, Dalby - cera...

Thorvaldsen-collection on Nysø

Nysø Gods, near Præstø, hides a little secret: in the eastern courtier’s wing, by the estate’s barn, there is a little museum dedicated to the artist Bertel Thorvaldsen. Here you can experience some of the works Thorvaldsen created in the last six years of his life, when he often stayed...

Galleri Emmaus

Gallery Emmaus Gallery Emmaus is centrally located in Haslev and is housed in the beautiful main building from the 1920s, who previously served as high school. The buildings are surrounded by a large park, apple orchard and plenty of parking. Modern and classical art Gallery Emmaus s...

Liza's Gallery

Liza's Gallery is located in Stege and is run by Rupert Sutton and Liza Krügermeier, and opened in 2007. Prior to opening on Møn they had a gallery at Leros. Both Rupert and Liza's own art are represented in the gallery, while they also have exciting exhibitions from artists from both D...

Artisans in South Zealand and on Møn

Many artisans have settled in The South Coast of Denmark, so if you’re into arts and crafts, set aside some time when you go to South Zealand and Møn.


South Zealand and Møn are home to more than 30 art galleries, and the area also houses a significant number of active artisans, so set aside some time if you want to explore the local gallery and artisan environment to the fullest.

Public art in The South Coast of Denmark

In South Zealand and on Møn, you will find several parks where you can experience art in idyllic surroundings, flanked by historic buildings. See our guide to art in the public space.