Julemandsløb Næstved

Santa's race in Næstved

Pull the Santa costume and run with the "Sulfur Sticks" in a good cause service on December 8, 2019.

Imagine hundreds of Santa Claus-clad people running and passing through Næstved to make Christmas a little better for those who don't have much. Again this year the "Sulfur Sticks Santa Claus Race" is held in Næstved midtown, where you can participate or just have a look. Come join us - and have a Christmas experience for the whole family.

All profits go to the voluntary charity Svovlstikkerne's work. Their purpose is to help disadvantaged families for a better Christmas.

Remember to buy your starter kit

The starter kit can be purchased at the Kiosk in Kvickly Næstved and contains a piece. Santa costume in either child or adult size as well as starter number. Everyone who completes the Santa Claus race receives a beautiful diploma and a big thank you for the effort.

ALL participants are expected to be wearing Santa costume.

Adult: 150 kr.
Children: 100 kr.
The route is approximately 1.2 km long Næstved City Center. You choose how many rounds you want to take!

Julemanden i Næstved havn

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